Director : Travis Campbell

Release Date :

Genre : Horror

Cast : , Tim Dax as Eugene Mr. Bricks Hicks, Nicola Fiore as Officer Scarlet Morretti, Vito Trigo as Officer Carmine Dukes, Sharmeen Azmudeh as Bar Vixen, Richard Barone as Himself, Martijn Berndsen as Creep #1, Mike Bozicevic as Creep #2, Shavey Brown as Skinny, Annie May Cron as Jenny Kent, Travis Campbell as Drummer, Lisa Forst as Rookie Hooker, Nina Gielen as Girlfriend, Jamie Greco as Teenie Weenie, Erick Griffenkranz as Mike, Lloyd Kaufman as Farnsworth Critch, M. Kelley as Drunk, Purple Pam Shelby as Purple Hooker, Shawn C. Phillips as Bartender, Jamie Robinson as Muscle Cop, Federico Trigo as Jasper Kent, David Warchol as Shorty

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Ship to Shore Media

Plot Summary :

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