Director : Oliver Krekel

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Action, Horror, Adventure, Drama, Mystery

Cast : , Martin Thon as Robin Hood, Ramona Kuen as Maid Marian, Kai Borchardt as Friar Tuck, Dennis Zachmann as Will Scarlett, Kane Hodder as Little John, Tom Savini as Sheriff of Nottingham, Claude-Oliver Rudolph as Guy of Gisbourne, Dave Kaufmann as Soldier, Amrita Cheema as Daughter of Indian Vendor, Oliver Krekel as Vendor 2, Yvo Rene Scharf as Scavenger, Erich Amerkamp as Torturer, Mario Zimmerschitt as Soldier, Marc Rohnstock as Soldier, Anika Neubauer as Old Witch other cast:, Martin Hentschel as Transformed Will Scarlett, Carolina Grigorov as Maid Marian, Tom Paladin Bareck as Transformed Robin Hood, Andrea Glowig as Young Witch, Nadine Krekel as Women, Andreas Lindner, Frank Michael Pretzel, Oliver Kramm as Soldier on Marketplace, Ursula Neubauer as Maidservant, Lisa Grunau as Gatekeeper, Harry Baetens as Soldier, Viktor Tissen as Guard, Udo Butterweck as Villager, Ren Schneider as Schwarzer Ritter, Justin Krekel as Kid, Karo Steiche as Villager, Walter Fricke as Soldier

Run Time : Germany:100 min (approx.)

Country : USA | Germany

Language : English

Filming Locations : Germany

Company : DigiDreams Studios

Plot Summary :

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