Director : Joe Raffa

Release Date :

Genre : Horror

Cast : , Corey Feldman as Kyle Brenner, Jill Whelan as Jill Hudson, Brian Anthony Wilson as Deputy Hendricks, Nikki Bell as Stacey Sanborn, David J. Bonner as Chris Allen, Kyle Patrick Brennan as Erik Sanborn, Joe Raffa as Kellen Hudson, Ashley Sumner as Kelly, Nicole Cinaglia, Tereza Hakobyan as Rachel, Joe Gariffo as Alex, Brian Gallagher as Uncle Jack, Brent Lewis as Mike, Damon Bonetti as Mike, Faust Checho as Chf. John Hansen, Tom McCarthy as Dr. Tramon, Susan Moses as Mary, Gene Connelly as Mr. Wilde, Ashley Caspermeyer as Jen Rhodes, Alexander Mandell as Jeff Wilde, Elizabeth Deal as Mrs. Wilde

Plot : Six kith and kin are trapped inside a paranormal wonderful storm, because an evil lays affirmation to one in all one another little bit ominous to drag apart the human being of a trivial Pennsylvania town.

Country : USA

Language : English

Company : Brothers In Arms Productions

Trivia : The flick is picture on zone at a true Halloween Haunted attraction inside Pennsylvania pointed out since the Hotel of Horror inside Saylorsburg, PA.

Plot Summary : Six individuals also their lives are stitched collectively by a paranormal power that has laid insistence to one among them. A Halloween haunted establishment is reason nil since a supernatural faultless storm by chance got involved in off by a seemingly unsystematic sequences of events.

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