Director : Dan Turner

Release Date :

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Cast : (in credits order), Grant Masters as Major Anthony Lester, Patrick Flynn as Justin Rourke, Grahame Fox as Lieutenant Groves, Munir Khairdin as Salim Hassan, Martin Delaney as Brandon Faber, James Capel as Karl Matthews, Anthony Mark Streeter as Lance Corporal Rogers, Frankie Fitzgerald as Dan Randall, Andrew Hall as Minister Duncan McGillis, Jordan Pitt as Andy Duggan, Marlon Williams as Jones

Plot : The armed forces meet unsleeping with captured plus imprisoned a miraculous entity. And at present it desires to play.

Run Time : UK:88 min (original version)

Country : UK

Language : English

Filming Locations : Bentwaters Parks, Rendlesham, Suffolk, England, UK

Company : Scanner-Rhodes Productions

Trivia : The ilk with crew lived on zone with were kept to a militia regime to mirror the film.

Plot Summary : In 2002, 11 months prior the invasion of Iraq, the defense force captured as anyhow as imprisoned a paranormal entity at Stormhouse, a covert underground base. This picture files the preceding four life of that experiment. Ghost whisperer Hayley Sands is conveyed to Stormhouse by the government to variety communication and the captured entity. Her approach activates a programme of happenings which take to the entitys escape, plunging the base into a horrible nightmare.

In 2002 the Military captured in addition to imprisoned a thrilling entity at a confidential underground base. In the end four existence of their test a Ghost Whisperer is chattered to Stormhouse by the Government to class conversation also the captured entity. But her rise elicit a programme of events, which leads to the entitys escape, plunging the base into a appalling nightmare forgoing all and sundry on board wrestling because their lives!

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