Director : Vondie Curtis-Hall

Release Date :

Genre : Music, Romance

Cast : : , Mariah Carey as Billie Frank, Max Beesley as Julian Dice, Da Brat as Louise, Tia Texada as Roxanne, Valarie Pettiford as Lillian Frank, Ann Magnuson as Kelly, Terrence Howard as Timothy Walker, Dorian Harewood as Guy Richardson, Grant Nickalls as Jack Bridges, Eric Bent as Rafael, Padma Lakshmi as Sylk, Don Ackerman as Peter, Ed Sahely as Francois, Carmen Wong as Rose, James Allodi as Video Director

Plot : Similar to Mariah’s living story. Mariah plays the role of a youthful singer who is desirous to grow to be a vast star. She blind dates a DJ who helps her get accommodate of into the music business.

Run Time : 104 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Company : Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation

Trivia : During filming, habits through backup singer Mary Ann Tatum were cast off rather than Mariah Carey’s flue to keep somewhere else from bootlegging. Carey recorded her vocals near to the disclose date of the soundtrack, as in any case as the entirety show vocals cast off inside the motion picture are hers.

Goofs : Anachronisms: Dice covers “Spin” inside 1983. “Spin” wasn’t published awaiting 1985.

Tag Lines : In music she found her dream, her love, herself
A strength to survive. A desire to dream.

Plot Summary : Billie Frank is a shy, immature mixed-race babe who is sent elsewhere by her alcoholic mamma at a incredibly timely age. At an orphanage, she befriends Louise in addition to Roxanne. Flash jack up to 1983. Billie in addition to her friends are established by a diary producer, Timothy Walker, who needs one another to sing backup given that his most recent pop-music discovery. But as soon as tremendous DJ Dice hears Billie’s amazing voice, he styles a dismal alter Timothy to get suit of her out of that dead-end situation. Soon, Billie in addition to Dice are gaining thumps in the studio, in addition to going to pieces tenderness outside of it. Eventually, the demand of her newfound megastar puts excessively large a difficulty on Billie, instilling her to designate whatsoever it is she actually needs enjoys Dice, in addition to whatsoever she needs given that herself.

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