Director : Barry Sonnenfeld

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Thriller

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete), Anjelica Huston as Morticia Addams, Raul Julia as Gomez Addams, Christopher Lloyd as Uncle Fester Addams, Joan Cusack as Debbie Jellinsky, Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams, Carol Kane as Granny, Jimmy Workman as Pugsley Addams, Kaitlyn Hooper as Pubert Addams, Kristen Hooper as Pubert Addams, Carel Struycken as Lurch, David Krumholtz as Joel Glicker, Christopher Hart as Thing, Dana Ivey as Margaret Addams, Peter MacNicol as Gary Granger, Christine Baranski as Becky Martin-Granger, Mercedes McNab as Amanda Buckman, Sam McMurray as Don Buckman, Harriet Sansom Harris as Ellen Buckman, Julie Halston as Mrs. Glicker, Barry Sonnenfeld as Mr. Glicker, Nathan Lane as Desk Sergeant, John Franklin as Cousin Itt, Charles Busch as Countess Cousin Aphasia du Berry, Laura Esterman as Cousin Ophelia, Maureen Sue Levin as Flora Amor, Darlene Levin as Fauna Amor, Carol Hankins as Dementia, Steven M. Martin as Donald, Douglas Brian Martin as Dexter, Ryan Holihan as Lumpy Addams, Lois De Banzie as Delivery Nurse, Vickilyn Reynolds as Forceps Nurse, Cynthia Nixon as Heather, Eyde Byrde as Mrs. Montgomery, David Hyde Pierce as Delivery Room Doctor, Andreana Weiner as Obnoxious Girl, Peter Graves as Host, Rick Scarry as Lawyer, Monet Mazur as Flirting Woman, Francis Coady as Flirting Man, Ian Abercrombie as Driver, Chris Ellis as Moving Man, Camille Saviola as Concetta, Zack Phifer as Passport Clerk, Tony Shalhoub as Jorge, Jeffrey Van Hoose as Irwin, Micah Winkelspecht as Mordecai, Matthew Beebe as Wheelchair Camper, Kristy Shirvani as Consuela, Jamie Gordon as Escher, Micah Hata as Yang, Joey Wilcots as Jamal, Jason Fife as Camper #1, Karl David-Djerf as Camper #2, Haley Peel as Young Debbie Cheryl Chase as Pubert (voice) , Matthew Bartilson as Dancing Camper, Alex Gaona as Indian boy, Nichole McAuley as Snobby Mom, Rob Sanchez as Sailor, Lenny Wilson as Extra

Plot : A risible Gothic horror-movie-type department seeks to rescue their prized uncle like his gold-digging spanking new love.

Run Time : 94 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : California, USA

Company : Paramount Pictures

Trivia : When Fester broadcasts his engagement, Morticia pigeonholes an overt statement to the ring worn by Debbie personality the matching only inside which Festers grandmother was buried. Debbie slyly whips out a shovel, forcing a exact component to her characters golddigger status.

Goofs : Continuity: Beckys hand runs loves one amongst Wednesdays shoulders to the varied as theyre arguing almost about hugging.

Plot Summary : On any daytime of the week, you might anticipate a newborn little one to troth nurtured furthermore adore by his more matured sister. Except, of course, if its Wednesday. Pubert is the hottest addition to the Addams sort and, to bog down sibling rivalry escalating to fratricide, Wednesday furthermore Pugsley are shipped off to summer camp furthermore a nanny is hired. Debby Jellinsky is vast along furthermore wrinkling baldies, which heads her the wonderful nanny for the purpose that Pubert furthermore the unlikely helpmate of Uncle Fester. The sample is…Is she grave-digging or gold-digging?

Uncle fester finds specific warmth (or is it ?) inside Debbie, the Addamsess latest babysitter, hired to have inside mind the Addams most recent addition, Pubert. Debbie has her look over on Festers money, except primarily she has to varying him cherish the relaxation of the family, moment Wednesday plus Pugsley are sent to a summer camp.

Pugsley furthermore Wednesday Addams arent highly ecstatic plus the innovative addition to the family: their innovative little one brother, Pubert. Morticia is restless, furthermore Gomez main desires her to engagement happy, as a result he aims to expound everyones dilemma by taking a nanny. The Addams lastly put down as the wonderful nanny inside Debbie: a seemingly harmless person of mature age plus an impeccable dresser furthermore a drive plus her hands. She charms the family, principally Uncle Fester, who is head-over-heels because her. However, Wednesday furthermore Pugsley catch a glimpse ready her indecent facade: Debbie is main subsequent to Fester because his money. Before they may well knave on her, she has the youth sent off to summer camp, because she furthermore Fester obtain married. While she aims (several times) to eradicate Fester furthermore appear glance admire an accident, Pugsley furthermore Wednesday must fight ever-cheery camp directors furthermore spoiled prosperous youth to obtain come to someone’s rescue to their department furthermore direct each other of Debbies plans.

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