Director : Taylor Hackford

Release Date :

Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete), Damian Chapa as Miklo, Jesse Borrego as Cruz, Benjamin Bratt as Paco, Enrique Castillo as Montana, Victor Rivers as Magic Mike, Delroy Lindo as Bonafide, Tom Towles as Red Ryder, Carlos Carrasco as Popeye, Teddy Wilson as Wallace, Raymond Cruz as Chuey, Valente Rodriguez as Frankie, Lanny Flaherty as Big Al, Billy Bob Thornton as Lightning, Geoffrey Rivas as Carlos, Karmin Murcelo as Dolores, Jenny Gago as Lupe, Noah Verduzco as Juanito, Lupe Ontiveros as Carmen, Gary Carlos Cervantes as Smokey (as Gary Cervantes), Victor Mohica as Mano, Thomas F. Wilson as Rollie McCann (as Tom Wilson), Ray Oriel as Spider, Mike Genovese as Sgt. Devereaux, Steven Anthony Jones as Cyclone, Harold Surratt as Pockets (as Harold J. Surratt), Natalia Nogulich as Janis (as Natalija Nogulich), Ving Rhames as Ivan, Danny Trejo as Geronimo, Jimmy Santiago Baca as Gato, Peter Mark Vasquez as Chivo, Judith Verduzco as Alicia, Sonia Rodriguez as Victoria, Roberto Contreras as Cruzs Grandfather, Evelyn Guerrero as Luisa, Gary Tacon as Clavo, Luis Contreras as Realthing, Paulo Tocha as Apache, Freddy Negrete as Freddy, David Dunard as Gill, Steve Eastin as Hollenbeck Captain, Alina Arenal as Perla, Julie Zamarynov as Belinda (as Julie Zamaryonov), Daniel McDonald as Gallery Assistant, Gibby Brand as Jared Levinson, Elizabeth Austin as Lois Levinson, Adan Hernandez as Gilbert, Richard E. Butler as Frank Velka, Michael Bofshever as Salesman, Art Snyder as Councilman Snyder, Robert Pescovitz as Surgeon, Primitivo Tapia as Street Kid, Robert J. Juarez as Priest, Eddie Perez as Joker, Claudia Gabriella Colin as Jokers Girl, David Labiosa as Coolaide, Rudy Barrios as Tres Puntos Gangmember, Juan Charles as Vatos Locos, Charles Guillermo as Vatos Locos, Eugene Barrios as Vatos Locos, Jimmy Chavez as Vatos Locos, Rene Bontana as 5 Puntos Counterman (as Ren Bontana), Dan Vasquez as Warden, Michael McFall as Transvestite #1, Donald E. Lacy Jr. as Transvestite #2, Zandra Hill as Black Cook, George Pereira as Old Con, ngel Romero as Parole Board Member, Joe Schloss as Prison Escort, Chris Chloupek as Prison Photographer, Gill Montie as AV Inmate, Vanessa Marquez as Montanas Daughter, Martin McDermott as Delano Guard, Martha Cardenas as Landlady, Catherine Price as Newscaster, Jerry Perea as Tattooed Lipped Partier, Lindsey Ginter as Officer Young, Victor Koliacos as PCP Kid, Christine Avila as Mother of PCP Kid, Robert Padgett as Doctor to PCP Kid, Rio Hackford as PCP Intern Roxann Dawson as , Richard Masur as Prison Librarian

Plot : Based on the specific survival happenings of poet Jimmy Santiago Baca, the flick focuses on half-brothers Paco along with Cruz… |

Run Time : 180 min | USA:190 min (directors cut) | 330 min (original cut)

Country : USA

Language : Arabic | English | Spanish

Filming Locations : 2600 Paradise Dr, Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : Hollywood Pictures

Trivia : Originally titled Blood In Blood Out, which is the motto of La Onda, the penal complex gang inside the film. Before the films opens up inside Spring of 1993, the label along with everything posters were modified as Disney which fabricated the show below their Hollywood Pictures banner, knowledgeable that it could publicize or wear down violence mainly amid the L.A. gangs where the show truly gets rid of neighborhood with commenting to East Los Angeles. Another feasible ground was as a end result of the aftermath of the L.A. riots all through this epochs of long period of time which the workshop knowledgeable the films label was more than usually negative. Bound by Honor was chosen along with truly portrays the films experience a trifle numerous clearly.

Goofs : Continuity: Miklo undergone two parole hearings, theoretically quite a lot of existence apart, then again the conclude thing the members of the parole board are wearing the identical outfits with desk bound inside the identical spots given that both hearings.

Plot Summary : Based on the precise existence events of poet Jimmy Santiago Baca, the motion picture focuses on half-brothers Paco with Cruz, with their bi-racial male group member Miklo. It opens inside 1972, because the three are members of an East L.A. gang identified because the Vatos Locos, with the tale focuses on how a dire sin with the upset of narcotics influence their lives. Miklo is incarcerated with sent to San Quentin, where he heads a home because himself. Cruz becomes an abnormal artist, nevertheless a heroin addiction overcomes him plus catastrophic results. Paco becomes a cop with an opponent to his carnal, Miklo.

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