Dollhouse is an American science fiction television series created by Joss Whedon. It premiered February 13, 2009 on Fox.

Plot: The show follows an organization that employs mind-wiped DNA altered humans known as Dolls who are implanted with false memories and skills for various missions and tasks. When they are not ‘at work’ they are living in a real life Dollhouse which gives the show the name.
One of those mind-wiped humans, a young woman named Echo, is slowly starting to become aware of herself and what’s going on all the while somebody on the outside is trying to bring the Dollhouse down while getting closer to Echo possibly not aware that she is one of the Dolls he is after.
Main characters
* Echo (Eliza Dushku), is the main Active, and star of the series, who, in her mind-wiped state, begins to become self-aware. Before having her mind wiped, her name was Caroline.
* Boyd Langton (Harry J. Lennix), a former cop, he is now a handler (bodyguard) at the Dollhouse assigned to Echo. He is protective of Echo and has doubts about the ethics of what the Dollhouse does with the Actives.
* Adelle DeWitt (Olivia Williams), is the highest ranking official at the Dollhouse. She truly believes that what they do at the Dollhouse helps people. Although Adelle is the head of the Dollhouse, she does apparently answer to off-screen superiors.
* Topher Brink (Fran Kranz) is the programmer who designed all the technology at the Dollhouse and is the one who uses it to imprint the new personalities on the Actives.
* Paul Ballard (Tahmoh Penikett) is the FBI agent assigned to the Dollhouse case. While most in the Bureau view the case as a joke, he takes it seriously to the point of obsession.
* Victor (Enver Gjokaj) is an Active who is imprinted to be Lubov, a member of a Russian mob family that runs a human trafficking ring under investigation by the FBI. His purpose as Lubov is to keep Agent Ballard away from the Dollhouse.
* Sierra (Dichen Lachman) is the most recent addition to the Dollhouse. She is instinctively drawn to Echo, but lacks her self-awareness.
The songs played in the promotions are “Massive Dose” by Sonic Library, “Cobrastyle” by Robyn, and “Boys Wanna Be Her” by Peaches. The Dollhouse theme song is called “What You Don’t Know,” and it is performed by Jonatha Brooke. As of February 23, 2009, Fox has now made the music video for the theme song available to download free on iTunes for a limited time.

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