Director : Michael Axelgaard

Release Date :

Genre : Thriller

Cast : (in credits order), Emily Plumtree as Emma, Sam Stockman as James, Matt Stokoe as Scott, Jessica Ellerby as Lynne, Simon Roberts as Vicar

Plot : On feast day inside the English countryside, two small couples discover an old-time evil.

Run Time : 82 min

Country : UK

Language : English

Company : Hollow Pictures

Plot Summary : Old group friends Emma, James, Scott, in addition to Lynne method out to a cottage inside far-flung East Anglia. They are happy, delighting each others firm in addition to the lonesome splendor of their surroundings. But almost immediately they come across a ghostly local legend almost an evil entity. Fascinated, they delve into a shadowy in addition to radical precedent days which leads each other to an mature cavity tree by a done for monastery. While the legend holds their attention, submerged longings in addition to jealousies emerge between the four. Cracks crop up inside their affairs in addition to little by little widen. They undertake to leave. But one amongst them, regularly carried away in addition to tormented, disappears into the night. In an endeavor to size up him, the others come back to the tree, where they are attacked by the evil entity. Trapped inside a de-escalated car, they size up self attacked loves without by it in addition to loves inside by each other.

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