Director : Sajjad Khan

Release Date :

Genre : Thriller

Cast : (in credits order), Sajjad Khan as Director, Sophie Tomlinson as Lisa Graham Burgess as Teacher, Cora Casey as Jennifer, Jonathan Dahl as James, Arsh Darkbane as Paintings Done By, Bethan Davis as Michelle, Vicky Davis as Mother, Bronte Dyer as Singer, Mitchell Kemp as Younger Brother, Rachel Lucy as Natalie, Markia as Doctor, Rachael Mellor as Amanda, Michael Siegel as Father, Luke Stabler as Brother, Sophie Tomlinson as Lisa, Dan Van Garrett as Edward

Plot : A movie in percent to the scary account of a socially outcast teenager.

Run Time : UK:80 min (DVD)

Country : UK

Language : English

Company : Sproduction

Plot Summary : A show dependent on the harrowing yarn of a socially outcast teenager, Natalie Delderfield, a shy adolescent damsel who doesnt variety friends easily. Amid the scoffs also hallway anarchy of Yorkshire costly pigeonhole Natalie finds herself absorbed inside an oppressed globe of practice session also tribulation. Much to the trepidation of her younger cousin Chris, Natalie is denied the opportunity to point a common years by the powers that troth of the schoolyard. It is solitary ready her feeling because talent that she finds any salvation like the torment of costly school. Escaping to a introspection artists lair, Natalie sketches away, going her mind-set onto sheets of paper/canvas, obtaining solace inside her art, awaiting lone day, she decides to free of charge herself because good. Leaving at the rear of a haunting legacy, Natalie embarks on a vindictive undertaking to contract help the blows she might by no means hurl for the duration of her tortured lifetime. Prepare yourself because a breathtaking terror movie, acquiring you on a shuddering roller-coaster ride ready the highs also lows of physical also perceptual despair.

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