Director : Mario Azzopardi

Release Date :

Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Cast : :, John Corbett as Matt Andrews, Jessica Steen as Allison Beauchamp, Brittany Daniel as Cindy Evers, Andrew Kraulis as Dalton, Peter Stebbings as George Regan, Derwin Jordan as Remy, Eugene Clark as Mayor John Lafitte, Ron Gabriel as Councilman, Ardon Bess as Smiley, Shawn Lawrence as Andre, Roger McKeen as Jimmy Gutro, PW Supervisor, John Boylan as Police Chief, Geoffrey Bowes as Frank, Chief Engineer, Sandi Ross as Voodoo Lady, Kirsten Bishop as Women in BMW (as Kirsten Bishopric)

Plot : A geologist strives to block a colossal sinkhole fancy wolfing New Orleans throughout Mardi Gras.

Run Time : Netherlands:120 min | USA:90 min

Country : Canada | USA

Language : English | French

Filming Locations : New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Company : Alliance Atlantis Communications

Trivia : Mardi Gras inside New Orleans scene inside Toronto inside December!

Goofs : Errors inside geography: New Orleans is under marine level resulting inside a expensive dampen table. If you dig a hollow space a spouses of feet deep it will conceivable fill as well as water. Yet inside this flick the tunnels are 60-feet under reason plus are bone dry in spite of human being anyways under the dampen table.

Plot Summary : At the outskirts of New Orleans a sewage tunnel caves in; city officials are less troubled just about the personnel who was slaughter at that time just about probable repercussions on the proceeding Mardi Gras inside the French Quarter, which is the tourist hight guide of the per annum inside Louisiana, therefore the priority is to weigh down a panic. Still Allison Beauchamp, less than whose accountability public perform come apart city hall, request on her close friend, geologist Matt Andrews, who is exceedingly vigilant given that an mishap barely he blames himself for, to investigate. Shortly beyond an added cave in, he finds with reports -even arranging radar material was non receptive by the Mardi Gras lobby- that such settle holes are caused by the hovering on of a fire inside underground tunnels trough peat layers, therefore there’s no channel of narrating where with as several sink-holes will collapse, excluding it can approach everywhere the city, with two million tourists linking inside the reveling boost the risk, therefore every person is inside danger. However city wring secretary George Regan, who knows mayor John Lafitte might possibly draw close her counsel to evacuate, falsifies the answers therefore Allison allows the Mardi Gras committee to depart prior to as well as the annual festivities…

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