Director : Ron Howard

Release Date :

Genre : Action, Crime, Thriller

Cast : :, Mel Gibson as Tom Mullen, Rene Russo as Kate Mullen, Brawley Nolte as Sean Mullen, Gary Sinise as Det. Jimmy Shaker, Delroy Lindo as Agent Lonnie Hawkins, Lili Taylor as Maris Conner, Liev Schreiber as Clark Barnes, Donnie Wahlberg as Cubby Barnes, Evan Handler as Miles Roberts, Nancy Ticotin as Agent Kimba Welch, Michael Gaston as Agent Jack Sickler, Kevin Neil McCready as Agent Paul Rhodes, Paul Guilfoyle as Wallace, Allen Bernstein as Bob Stone, Jos Ziga as David Torres (as Jose Zuniga)

Plot : When a chic man’s child is kidnapped, he cooperates in addition to the check at the beginning except subsequently strives a matchless strategy opposed to the criminals.

Run Time : 121 min | USA:139 min (laserdisc)

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Bergen County, New Jersey, USA

Company : Touchstone Pictures

Trivia : Philip Seymour Hoffman with Jack Black both auditioned as the role of Cubby Barnes.

Goofs : Continuity: The tattoo on Maris’ neck assist mind-set frequently.

Tag Lines : Someone is going to pay.

Plot Summary : Tom Mullen, prosperous airline owner, is stunned as his lad is kidnapped. He is disposed to pay the two million dollar ransom, however the bead of sweat play wrong. So Tom turns the ransom cash into a incentive-seeking on the kind of the kidnapper.

Tom Mullen is a glorious airline owner. His son, Sean, was kidnapped in addition to caught up as ransom. Tom however, to everyone’s astonishment, gives the look on the TV news broadcast in addition to rapidly turns the tables on the kidnappers’ leader, by providing capital riches as his head. This step adjust the kidnapper’s plans.

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