Director : John Azpilicueta

Release Date :

Genre : Thriller

Cast : , Pablo Hernandez as Psycho, Jacob Martinez as Smiley, John Azpilicueta as Lucky, Bless May as Sniper other cast:, Noel Gugliemi as Ghost, Nicole Warner as Reporter Tiffany Doyle, Jimmy Marriot as Chase officer #1 (voice), Santos Morales as Arturo, Meredith Grau as Reporter Elisia Lombard, Melissa Banks as Jenny, Sam Situmorang as Truck driver, Edward Joyce as Police officer, Jasmine Nicole Naziri as Vanessa, Luis Anguiano as Carlos, Bridgette B. as Nancy, Jay R. Martinez as Police Officer – K9 handler, Caroline LeDuc as Susan, Daniel Fanaberia as Doug, Alek Carrera as Alonzo, Paris Wagner as Restaurant Patron, Jessica Almonte as Ana, Sean Fahimian as D.E.A. agent, Zachary Ryan Block as Police officer, Holly West as Luz, Kevin Wu as Police officer, Roberto S. Oregel as Roberto, Gigi M. Green as Construction Worker, Jennifer Wu as Factory girl, Miguel Galindo as Tactical team member, Marisol de Jesus as Waitress, Jesse Gil as Gang Member, Ted Grau as Police officer, Terranza Sims as Rick, Shane Azpilicueta as Victor, Isaac Sullivan as Tactical team member, Anthony Berber as Gang Member, Raul Azpilicueta as Police officer, David McCowan as Police officer, Maria Martinez as Eyewitness, Hctor Mndez as Gang member, Leonardo Acevedo-Gonzalez as Reporter Frank Bella, Jael Lloyd as Caity, J. Modic as E.R. Doctor, Nick Azpilicueta as Police officer, Aries Sanders as Brandi, Raya Reaves as Monique, Jennifer Perez as Mom with stroller, Desiree Alvarez as Eyewitness, Robert Largher as Gang member, Joshua Salib Vega as Gang Member, Liam Baker as Kid bystander, Virginia Borowiec as Chase officer #2 (voice), Tony Fiorella as Gang member, James Fowler as Restaurant Patron, Alan Kwan as Restaurant Patron, Cy Cho as Bank manager, Martin Lopez as Vetenerian, Elizabeth Alvarez as Eyewitness, Mariano Llosa as Construction worker, Thomas Michael Kappler as Lt. Duenas – police commander, Miguel Munguia as Gang member, George Correa as Gang member, Pablo Brescia as Antonio, Joseph Torres as Gang member, Roy Anthony Van III as Bank Patron, Mia Berber as Eyewitness, Victor Mora as Gang member, Sean Trimpe as Police officer, Francisco Mararilla as Gang member, Humberto Sosa as Gang member, Jesus Barocio as Gang member, Gilbert Figueroa as Gang member, Arwen Baker as Kid bystander, Andrew Ficara as Restaurant Patron, Andrew Rivera as Bank patron, Tyler Lusk as Bank patron, Jose Maria Sanchez Lopez as Drunk, James E. DeLeon as Neighborhood kid, J.D. as Gang member, Elias Tripp as Jason, Sonia Torres as Eyewitness, Benjamin Draper as Dillon, Omar Gonzalez as Gang Member, Alexis Guidinger as Bank loan officer, Nicholas Rivera as Bank patron, Nathan Jones as Bank cop, Adam C. Woods as Police officer, Diego Fiorella as Gang member, David Tripp as Police officer, Randy Rogan as Bank cop, Billy Foster as Gang member, Gabriel Ibarra as Gang member, Marcel Vasquez as Gang member, Daniel Delgado as Gang member, Adam Prieto as Gang member, Javier Hernandez as Gang member, Daniel Hernandez as Gang member, Jacob Ramirez as Bank Crew, Alberto Martinez as Gang member, Rock Sage as Rock, Eddie Lopez as Gang member, Alberto Cervantes as Gang member, Michael DeSpain as Gang member, Sara DeLeon as Neighborhood kid, Eddie Prieto as Young gang member, Ruth Martinez as Tactical team member, Jose Velasco as Police officer, Jim Sussino as Tactical team member, Eric Jacobo as Gang Member, Denet Avila as Diablo, Cesar Renteria as Gang member, Robert Watson as Police officer, Sharon OLeary Martin as Restaurant Patron, Santiago Martinez as Gang member

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : JAGQA Productions

Plot Summary :

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