Director : Jeremy Enis

Release Date :

Genre : Crime, Thriller

Cast : (in credits order), David Joseph Martinez as Detective Thomas Pearl, John Gabriel Rodriquez as Creep, Scott Yarnell as Lt. Aaron Lindell, Leslie Hippensteel as Officer Gina Graves, Kurt Deville as Officer Wilson, Jas Sams as Beth Cronenberg, Carla Daws as Kathy Spencer, Kristin Samuelson as Psychiatrist, Rosemary Noelle Prejean as Sarah Pearl, Shelby Farrell as Elizabeth Pearl, Theodus Crane as Sweet Leon, Tyler Yarnell as young Thomas Pearl, Alyssa Chipman as Jessica Heron, Brad Duffy as Officer Foley, Russ Skains as George Yamamoto, Brian M. Peterson as Paramedic 1, Rex Davey as Chris Edwards, Michelle Jeanmard as Paramedic 2, James Paul as Orderly 1, Elle Greene as Nurse, Clifton Smeltzer as Orderly 2, Shana Prejean as Lady 1 on swing, Angela Marsh as Lady in red, Martha Muzzie Murphy as Lady 2 on swing James Paul as Hospital Orderly 1

Plot : From an easy business stop, a mysterious, unidentified grown person is conveyed inside given that evaluation by skillful inquiry connoisseur Thomas Pearl… |

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Camp Harris, Minden, Louisiana, USA

Company : Castor Creek Productions

Plot Summary : From an easy business stop, a mysterious, unidentified mature woman is carried inside as assessment by more matured interrogative expert Thomas Pearl. Pearl promptly grasps this sniff is varying any he has eternally verified to crack, along with is obliged into a struggle of head which gradually crack the layers of Pearls own shady past. This suspect, this John Doe, defies common sense as well as his data of Pearls shady secrets, along with no matter Pearls own knowledge along with foresight, threatens to exterminate him completely. Everyone has their demons, other than this night, as Thomas Pearl – theyve draw closer to collect.

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