Director : Alan J. Pakula

Release Date :

Genre : Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller

Cast : (in credits order) (verified as complete), Julia Roberts as Darby Shaw, Denzel Washington as Gray Grantham, Sam Shepard as Thomas Callahan, John Heard as Gavin Vereek, Tony Goldwyn as Fletcher Coal, James Sikking as FBI Director Denton Voyles (as James B. Sikking), William Atherton as Bob Gminski, Robert Culp as President, Stanley Tucci as Khamel, Hume Cronyn as Justice Rosenberg, John Lithgow as Smith Keen, Anthony Heald as Marty Velmano, Nicholas Woodeson as Stump, Stanley Anderson as Edwin Sneller, John Finn as Matthew Barr, Cynthia Nixon as Alice Stark, Jake Weber as Curtis Morgan / Garcia, Casey Biggs as Eric East, Christopher Murray as Rupert, Sonny Jim Gaines as Sarge, Kevin Geer as K.O. Lewis, Joe Chrest as Song Dance Man from Bar (as Joseph Chrest), Richard Bauer as Managing Editor, Michelle ONeill as Sara Ann Morgan, Peter Carlin as Edward Linney, Ralph Cosham as Justice Jensen, Terrence Currier as Rosenbergs Nurse (as Terrence P. Currier), Edwin Newman as Himself, Helen Carey as Federal Clerk, Howard Shalwitz as Washington Herald Journalist, Kyle Prue as News Desk Reporter, Jewell Robinson as Senior Washington Herald Editor, Kim Peter Kovac as Senior Washington Herald Editor, Norman Aronovic as Senior Washington Herald Editor, Carl Palmer as Cop in Cowboy Boots, Carol Sutton as New Orleans Policewoman, Scott Jefferson as Lt. Olsen, Danny Kamin as Hooten (as Daniel Kamin), Mark McLaughlin as CIA Agent Hotel Room, Robert Pavlovich as CIA Agent Hotel Room, Magee Hickey as Herself, Constance Yelverton as Clerk at Sheraton Hotel, Kim Kettle as Gavin Verheeks Wife, Ellie K. Wang as Reporter at National Cathedral, Franchelle Stewart Dorn as University Registrar (as Fran Dorn), Karen Bralove as University Placement Clerk, Teagle F. Bougere as Male University Student, Carey Varner as Female University Student, Sandra Quarterman as Laura Kass (as Saundra Quarterman), Cynthia Hood as Parklane Receptionist, Alan Wade as Parklane Administrator, Harold Surratt as Parklane Security Officer (as Harold J. Surratt), Paul Morella as White Blazevich Attorney, Ed Johnson as White Blazevich Security Guard, Jurian Hughes as White Blazevich Receptionist, Dick Stilwell as White Blazevich Security, Tom Quinn as Sara Ann Morgans Father, Beverly Brigham as Safe Deposit Teller, Eliza Coleman as Female Pursuer with Gun (as Liza Sweeney Coleman), Doug Coleman as Male Pursuer with Gun (as Douglas R. Coleman), Michael Port as Tulane Law Student, Shanna Connell as Tulane Law Student, Gene Babb as Reporter, Kyle Duvall as Reporter (as Kyle D. Duvall), Karl Warren as Reporter, Carrie Boren as Reporter, James Earl Reed as Reporter Keith Fluker as Agent, Joe James as Runner (voice), Kelly Lynn Richards as Protester, Codie Scott as Man Partying in Quarter, William Shipman as Office Worker, Greta Valenti as Kid at Parade

Plot : A ruling student uncovers a conspiracy, putting herself plus others inside danger.

Run Time : 141 min

Country : USA

Language : English

Filming Locations : Tulane University – 6823 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Company : Warner Bros. Pictures

Trivia : For the scenes indoor the White House, the classifications came upon because Dave (1993) were used.

Goofs : Continuity: Darby with Gray are inside the motor vehicle subsequent to retrieving the picture tape fancy the arrangement with are individual watched by the dated hound that founded the bomb. After Darby intelligence the motor vehicle bomb, they endure the flood with quickly climb wakeful more than a few levels inside the parking garage. As they emerge fancy the staircase the dated hound that watched each other fancy more than a few levels below, comes racing toward each other fancy the garage level above. It could troth insufferable to converted a motor vehicle with details to the garage speedy adequate to find beyond them.

Plot Summary : Two Supreme Court Justices withstand been killed. Now a college professor, who clerked as one in every of the two men, whos further making an interest plus one in every of his students, is presented a fleeting by her, that conditions who probably, required to imagine these two citizenry dead. He at the moment throws up it to one in every of his friends, who move as the FBI. When the FBI director reads it, he is spellbound by it. One of the presidents citizenry who leaf through it, is frightened that if it always acquired out, the president would engagement smeared. So, he put forward the president to notify the director to it, which he does. But afterward the professor plus the missy were out plus he was smashed plus whilst he refused to disintegrate her the keys she stepped out of the car. When he got down to it, it blew up. She at the moment discovers that her zone has been burglarized plus no matter what was carried were her laptop computer plus her disks. Obviously, her fleeting has any individual agitated. She at the moment turns to her boyfriends companion at the FBI, he consents to arrive link up her nonetheless ahead of he pulls off any individual shoots him plus gets rid of his place. At the meeting, he was getting geared up to exterminate her whilst any individual shoots him. She at the moment decides to flick to Gray Grantham, an investigative reporter, who was got fit of by any individual who says he has statistics on the killings nonetheless came to someone’s rescue out at the closing minute. He at the moment meets her plus tells her no matter what her fleeting is, plus basically, the man she suspects is a acceptable companion of the president, who is attempting to control the conclusion of an attempt that is at present ahead of the Supreme Court. Grantham tells her that her fleeting may pain the president plus everything no matter what they withstand are theories, he asks her to save someone’s bacon him nonetheless she wishes to exit the country. Then Granthams editor tells him that they withstand nothing; that he should bring about the man she implicated is incredibly powerful. Granthams getting geared up to it whilst she says that she will save someone’s bacon him. But may they stay alive?

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