Director :

Release Date :

Genre : Thriller

Cast : , Sheridan Smith as Becky, Jack OConnell as Kurtis, Ralph Brown as Neville, Russell Tovey as Paul other cast:, Julie Graham as Carol, Jamie Thomas King as Ryan, Christopher Fulford as Kevin, Montserrat Lombard as Jenny, Michael Legge as Jeff, Jill Baker as Violet, Nabil Elouahabi as Gary, James Weber Brown as Brian, Harry McEntire as Daniel, Kane Robinson as Mark, Steven Cree as DC Devlin, Tony Jayawardena as Eddie, Loui Batley as Amy, Jordan Long as Ormond, Ralph Laurila as Jimmy

Plot : A every year succeeding witnessing a murder, populace of Tower Block 31 size up them human being picked off by a sniper, pitting those favorable sufficient to engagement breathing into a struggle because survival. |

Country : UK

Language : English

Filming Locations : East London, London, England, UK

Company : Creativity Media

Plot Summary :

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