Kathryn Williams (born 1974 in Liverpool, England) is a singer/songwriter. Kathryn Williams was born in Liverpool, and now lives in Newcastle upon Tyne after earning an art degree in the city.

Williams released her first album, Dog Leap Stairs on her own Caw Records label in 1999 with a budget of £80. The follow up, Little Black Numbers, garnered a Mercury Prize nomination, bringing her to the attention of a wider public. A spell with EastWest – Atlantic followed (Old Low Light in 2002, and the Relations covers album in 2004), before she returned to her independent roots with 2005’s Over Fly Over. She released her sixth album, Leave to Remain, on Caw in 2006. Williams has collaborated with Neill Maccoll, John Martyn, Badmarsh and Shri, Thea Gilmore, Tobias Froberg and Ted Barnes. Two, released in 2008, is the first project to be released under joint names. Williams and Maccoll co-wrote most of the album, with the exception of “Innocent When You Dream”, which is a Tom Waits song. Two further songs on Two are written solely by Williams “6 a.m. Corner” and “Blue Fields”. Kathryn plays guitars, mellotron, Hammond organ and harmonium on the album.
* Dog Leap Stairs (1999)
* Little Black Numbers (2000)
* Old Low Light (2002)
* Relations (2004)
* Over Fly Over (2005)
* Leave to Remain (2006)
* Two (2008) with Neill MacColl
* “The Fade EP”
* “Soul to Feet”
* “Jasmine Hoop”
* “No One Takes You Home”
* “In a Broken Dream”
* “Shop Window”
* “Beachy Head”
* “Hollow”
* “When”
* “Come With Me” (2008)

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