Archive are a London, England-based musical group, whose music spans electronica, trip hop and progressive rock.

Between 2002 and 2005 the band released three albums with Craig Walker, formerly of Power of Dreams, as singer, to growing popularity and critical acclaim, including a large following in France and Poland. These albums have seen Archive gradually turn away from their roots in Electronica and Trip hop and towards more psychedelic and progressive style of bands such as Pink Floyd, Mogwai, and The Secret Machines. The band also composed the soundtrack to the French film Michel Vaillant, released in November 2003. 2008: Archive are currently finished with their forthcoming album, which has already been deemed “they’re greatest and most unparalleled” work to date, and is due to release in the first quarter of 2009. This will be their last of a five album licensing deal with Warner Music.
* Maria Q – vocals
* Pollard Berrier – vocals, guitar
* Dave Penney – guitar, vocals
* Steve Harris – guitar
* Jonathan Noyce – bass
* Lee Pomeroy – bass
* Darius Keeler – synthesizer, piano
* Danny Griffiths – synthesizer, samples
* Smiley – drums
* Rosko John – vocals, MC
Former members
* Craig Walker – vocals, guitar
* Roya Arab – vocals
Studio albums
* Londinium (1996)
* Take My Head (1999)
* You All Look the Same to Me (2002)
* Noise (2004)
* Lights (2006)
* Controlling Crowds (2009)

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