Grizzly Bear is a Brooklyn-based indie rock band currently on Warp Records and consists of Daniel Rossen (songwriting/guitar), Ed Droste (songwriting/guitar),

Chris Taylor (bass/woodwinds/electronics/vocals) & Christopher Bear (drums/vocals). The band employs traditional and electronic instruments, ranging from a recorder to a laptop, and all four members contribute vocals. Their sound is categorized as experimental rock, folk rock, or just indie rock, and is most dominated by the use of acoustic guitars & vocal harmonies.

The band is one of the few non-electronic artists signed to Warp Records. Rossen is also a member of the duo Department of Eagles.
Grizzly Bear’s 2004 debut album, Horn of Plenty, features myriad sounds & layering of voices. It was largely the solo effort of Droste and predates the formation of the band, which has been dubbed anti-folk, freak folk, lo-fi, or just indie rock. Rolling Stone magazine wrote of the first album that “The pure atmospheric power of the songs is more than enough to hypnotize.” In 2005, the band re-released the album with an additional disc of remixes by Solex, The Double, Castanets, Final Fantasy, Soft Pink Truth, Dntel and others.
Their first record as a quartet and to feature material written by Rossen, Yellow House, was released on Warp Records in September 2006. It was named for Droste’s mother’s house where it was recorded & ranked as one of the top albums of 2006 by the New York Times and Pitchfork Media. In 2007, Rossen recorded a cover of JoJo’s single “Too Little Too Late” for Droste’s twenty ninth birthday. In 2006 the band did a Take Away Show session with Vincent Moon.

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