Ké is the stage name of New York singer-songwriter Kevin Grivois. Being the son of a Cherokee mother and a French father, his music often reflects his cross-cultural background.

Drawing on his distinct falsetto voice, Ké tends to confuse his audience as to his actual gender, deliberately leaving an androgynous impression. He is probably best known for his 1996 hit song, anti-war anthem “Strange World”. His popularity in Europe as a cult icon was cemented in part by the fact “Strange World” sold over 3 million copies, and topped radio charts in the UK, Italy and Germany as one of the most requested songs of 1996. A dance remix of the song, by Junior Vasquez, hit #1 on the Billboard dance chart, and is still a club favorite in gay clubs across the U.S.
Album Discography
* I Am ( ) (1996), RCA
* Shiny (1998), RCA
* Better Way Of Living (2001), Schizo Music

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