Laid Back is a Danish group formed in Copenhagen by Tim Stahl (keyboards) and John Guldberg (guitar) in 1979. It is best known for its hits “Sunshine Reggae” and “White Horse” from 1982 and 1983 respectively.

They were able to focus on their music and “White Horse” after they were fired from their day-job in a dispute over $100 with a drunken publisher, which led them to the climax of their art, “Sunshine Reggae.” Best known throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, their music incorporated elements of synth and funk.
Album Releases
* 1981: Laid Back
* 1983: Keep Smiling
* 1985: Play It Straight
* 1987: See You in the Lobby
* 1990: Hole in the Sky
* 1993: Why Is Everybody in Such a Hurry
* 1998: Laidest Greatest
* 1999: Unfinished Symphonies
* 2004: Happy Dreamer

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